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There are 65 works currently available as prints.
  1. printed on aluminum
  2. ready to hang
  3. require no framing
  4. lightweight
  5. durable
  6. make decorating simple
  7. easy to clean

purchasing prints:

contact me by email to order prints. Include the title(s) and sizes you want and whether you want signed or unsigned prints.

print sizes:change to metric sizeschange to inches

There are two sizes of print, a large 11 x 14 inch27 x 35 cm size and a smaller 8 x 10 inch20 x 25 cm size. Most originals are available in either size, however 8 x 10 inch20 x 25 cm originals are only available in the small size.

print prices:

Each print is signed and bears a unique serial number.